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Dhs. 20.00

تمتع بتجربة مختلفة عند إضافتك لرائحة اللوز الغنية. غص في جو من الدفء والذكريات الجميلة.

Suitable for perfumes: Yes (Up to 50.34%)
Suitable for candles: Yes (Up to 8%)
Suitable for soaps/shampoos: Yes (Up to 25%)
Suitable for creams/lotions: Yes (Up to 13.10%)
Suitable for hand cream: Yes (Up to 12.5%)
Suitable for face cream: Yes (Up to 12.5%)
Suitable for deodorant: Yes (Up to 2.68%)
Suitable for animal sprays: Yes (Up to 66.66%)

* Usage amounts are provided as recommendations. Please test a small amount with your formulation to ensure proper mixing. Adjust the amount of perfume oil as needed based on your desired fragrance strength & type of wax/soap/cream base.