How to make soy votive candle

How to make soy votive candle

Soy Votive Candle:

Step 1 - Measure out the wax in step one.

Weighing out the necessary amount of wax is a good idea. Per pound of wax, around eight votive candles can be produced.

Step 2 - Cut the soy votive candle wax in step two.

The votive waxes can be difficult to cut. With a utility knife, the wax is scored for this example. The remaining slab is then placed on the scored piece, and pressure is given to aid in breaking the wax on the score.

The remaining slab is then placed on the scored piece, and pressure is given to aid in breaking the wax on the score. To obtain the wax in pieces small enough to fit in the pouring pot, you might need to repeat this process a few times. You can weigh the wax inside the pouring pot rather than transferring it from another container.

Third step: Melt the wax

Depending on the wax you've chosen, the wax needs to be heated to a temperature between 175°F and 185°F. Place the pouring pot in the sauce pan with approximately an inch of water in it to create a double boiler.

To raise the pouring pot, it is a good idea to place a cheap metal trivet or cookie cutter underneath. By doing this, you can be sure that no side is directly heating the wax. Set the thermostat to medium-low.

To make sure the soy votive candle wax is not getting too hot, check its temperature from time to time. As necessary, alter the temperature. You can proceed with the remaining stages while the wax is melting, but always keep an eye on it.

Step 4: Get your votive moulds ready.

Create your votive moulds while the wax is melting. The production procedure may have left a tiny film of oil within the moulds even though they are brand new. The wax should be poured into spotless moulds for the prettiest looking candles. Use a paper towel and a tiny bit of mould cleaner to thoroughly clean the inside of the moulds.

Step 5: Set your votive moulds out.

Make it simple for you to pour into the moulds by organising them. Having them in a single row close to the edge of your work area may make them simpler to reach if you are creating a large quantity. Make sure they are not too close to the edge where they could fall off.

Step 6: Measure and add the fragrance oil

You are prepared to add the fragrance oil once the wax has reached the right temperature. Per pound of wax, you might add 0.5 to 1.0 ounces of fragrance, depending on the type of wax you're using. The usual ratio is 1 ounce of scent to 1 pound of wax.

Step 7 - Measure & add dye (using dye blocks)

Add the amount of dye that you want next. When utilising dye blocks, cutting the block into little pieces will help it melt into the wax more rapidly. Stir the mixture once the correct amount has been added to ensure a smooth blend.

If you are using colour blocks, skip to step 9.

Step 8 - Measure & add dye (using liquid dye)

Add the required number of droplets when using liquid dyes. Since dye cannot be taken out once it has been put, it should only be used in little amounts, especially if you want a pale colour. If it isn't black enough, you can always add a little more. Stir the mixture once the correct amount has been added to ensure a smooth blend.

Step 9 - Test your color, Add UV Stabilizer & Pour the wax mixture.

You can drip a tiny amount of wax onto a paper plate or paper towel to check the colour. Avoid getting the hot wax on your hands. You will be able to see a more accurate picture of the colour after it has had time to harden. Then, if needed, add more dye. UV stabiliser can now be included if you so desire. If the candles are exposed to UV or fluorescent lights, the UV stabiliser will assist prevent colour fading. Make sure to slowly and completely fill the moulds with wax. You could get bubbles if you pour too soon.

Step 10: After the wax has completely cooled, unmold the candles.

You must fill the votive mould with wax on the second pour so that the wax level is just above the edge of the mould. Allow the candles to finish cooling. Wax may leak over the sides of the mould if you attempt to remove them before they have hardened.

You can now take the candles out of the moulds once they have fully set. When completely cooled, they ought to be simple to take from the mould by pulling on the wick pin or wick. To help the wax release from the mould if you are having difficulties removing them, place them in the freezer for about 5 minutes.

Happy candling with ScentDNA!