Candle Tunnelling 101

Candle Tunnelling 101

Candle Tunnelling can be frustrating, but fear not! We have a straightforward solution that will keep your candles burning beautifully.

Prevention is key, and it starts with the very first burn.

To avoid Candle Tunnelling, ensure that each time you light your candle, the entire top surface of the wax melts completely.

This is particularly crucial during the initial burn. The duration will vary based on the candle's size, but remember this handy rule: burn your candle for one hour per every inch of its diameter.

Let's take an example: if your candle has a diameter of 3 inches, plan to let it burn for approximately 3 hours before extinguishing it.

This allows the wax to pool evenly, eliminating the risk of tunneling and maximizing the candle's lifespan.

By following this simple practice, you can enjoy candles that last longer and burn more beautifully. No more wasted wax or uneven burns!

So, the next time you light a candle, keep in mind this easy-to-follow guide.

Say goodbye to tunneling and embrace the full potential of your candles. Let their warm glow and enchanting aromas fill your space, creating an ambiance that delights the senses.

Remember, a little patience goes a long way in achieving a flawless and enjoyable candle-burning experience.

Happy candle burning!

Making candles is an art which requires delicated and understandable work before you move forward, the dedicated you are, the better!

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