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Wick centering device - 10 pcs

Dhs. 40.00

Ensure your candles burn evenly with this set of Wick centering device - 10 pcs!

Made of premium metal material, these centering bars are built to last and won't fade or emit any unpleasant odors. Measuring at approximately 9.9cm by 2.5cm (4 inches by 1 inch), these Wick centering device - 10 pcs can be used in a variety of container sizes and are suitable for various types of candles such as dinner candles, pillar candles, and tealight candles.

The metal construction of these wick bars allows for easy cleaning and reuse, making them a sustainable choice for your candle-making needs.

With their silver color, these wick centering devices are not only functional but also sleek and visually appealing.

These candle wick centering devices are essential for ensuring your candle wicks remain centered and straight during the cooling process.

This will prevent uneven burning, tunneling, and wasted wax, ensuring a more enjoyable and longer-lasting candle-burning experience.

Whether you're a professional candle maker or just starting out, this bundle of 10 metal candle wick centering devices is a must-have addition to your candle-making supplies.