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Orange Essential Oil

Dhs. 35.00

100% pure & natural orange essential oil - extracted via steam distillation of cold pressing - contains NO preservatives or additives. Scent DNA's Orange Essential Oil has a refreshing sweet & citrus fragrance, which will energize & lift up your mind & soul. 

This product can be used for multiple purposes, including aroma diffusers, perfumes, body & skin care blends and more.

Directions: Do not ingest. Keep away from children. If using for any other purpose than aromatherapy, please dilute with a carrier oil first.

Suitable for candles: Yes (3-10%)*
Suitable for creams/lotions: Yes (1-2%)*

* Usage amounts are provided as recommendations. Please test a small amount with your formulation to ensure proper mixing. Adjust the amount of perfume oil as needed based on your desired fragrance strength & type of wax/soap/cream base.