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By Scent DNA  •   2 minute read


Looking to buy your candle-making supplies in Dubai?  

Candle-making is a great hobby and can be done by anyone. The supplies required for candle making are relatively inexpensive and can be found easily. There are two ways of procuring candle-making supplies - online and offline. 

Let’s list the supplies you’d need for candle making :

  1. BeesWax / Soy Wax
  2. Wicks 
  3. Dyes (optional)
  4. Fragrance oil or Candle Scents 
  5. Jars or Containers 
  6. Candle molds (for rolled candles)
  7. Thermometer
  8. Melting Pot
  9. Wick Centering Device

Now we know what we have to buy, next comes the question of where to buy candle-making supplies in Dubai.

There are a lot of candle-making suppliers that can be found in Dubai, UAE. If you’re looking for something particular like wholesale soy wax, a dye, etc, it’s easier to do a search online and get it delivered to you from the comfort of your own home. 

The biggest wholesale hub in Dubai for all sorts of things is Dragon Mart 1 & 2.

There are a lot of stores in the same line where you can get candle-making supplies but you’ll have to find each of the above items in different stores. The big advantage of buying offline is you get to see the products before purchasing but it also poses a big hassle as you have to step out in the heat and walk all the way to the stores, only to find that the stores only have a part of the candle making supplies needed and the rest are out of stock. 

We all know it’s now easier to order anything online than ever. Scent-DNA is one such website that is a one-stop shop for all your candle-making supplies. The best part about ordering from Scent DNA is they have 130+ fragrance oils, which are vegan and free from CMRs/Phthalates. They have the cheapest prices on the market with regular offers. They also offer free shipping on orders over 50 AED. They have wholesale prices as well. Their Cargill-C3 Wax makes them the most affordable candle wax supplier in the UAE market. Get yourself all the supplies you need from the comfort of your own home! 

If candle-making interests you, read our blog here on how to make candles at home.

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